About us

Ritual Thai Spa has a tailor-made environment, which takes care of every detail both in the facilities and in its staff, made up of a team of expert Thai therapists and masseuses.

We have training in classic Thai massage, but we work rituals based on holistic principles that mix modern and ancient techniques.

Our team

The focus of our work is the specific improvement of the emotional, physical and spiritual state of people through obtaining results in the shortest possible time. With this goal in mind, we treat a wide variety of people types, skin types and mentalities in a personalized way.

In short, we want to positively influence the natural process of skin and mind aging with traditional Thai techniques and specifically selected products.

Live an experience in Sant Jordi
Ritual Thai
Promotion available during the month of April with a 10% discount. For couples massages and treatments (From 90 minutes long.)

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* Offer valid for purchasing a gift card through the website
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