Future mother

Special massages for future mothers full of well-being and harmony that help to completely relax the body.

Each of them has the purpose of delivering a pleasant and relaxing experience. These massages created for that special moment are carried out with various techniques that produce an improvement for the countless bodily changes that the body undergoes during and after pregnancy.

Our best mom-to-be massages

  • Future mother special

    Special massage for expectant mothers full of harmony and well-being, which relaxes the whole body and especially the most tense areas that help support the weight of the baby. Very relaxing massage that helps us relieve tensions accumulated during early pregnancy.

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  • reflexology and relax

    Special foot and leg massage for future mothers that is performed in chairs, working all the complete legs. Massaging especially the muscles that help balance our body during the last months of pregnancy.

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  • Cranial massage

    Cranial massage is an absolute relaxation ritual that facilitates the release of tension caused by stress in the skull, face, neck and shoulders and is especially aimed at reducing tension.

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Future mom massages in Barcelona

The stage of pregnancy is a special moment full of happiness, but it can have various very unpleasant side effects such as body aches, discomfort and hormonal imbalance, fortunately we have massages specially created for these cases, they are soft and pleasant solutions that will help you the future mother to feel better by reducing fatigue and stress.

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