Foot reflexology

Discover these ancient massages that are destined to balance your body and mind energies.

These massages and pressures applied to different points of the foot is where all our organs and body parts are reflected, it will help us to restore balance and harmony.

Our reflexology massages

  • Reflexology

    Distinguished ancient foot massage of the highest oriental royalty that helps balance our entire body energy. Massage based on different pressures that are applied to different parts of the foot, meticulously studied to balance the organs.

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  • Deluxe reflexology ritual

    Ultra hydration treatment with tropical gel that helps restore the hydration of the feet to prevent future corns and calluses followed by an exfoliation of tropical salts with hydration of shea by La sultane de saba.

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  • Special reflexology pedicure

    Complete pedicure with calluses and corns treatment plus cuticle removal and nail filing, we continue with a complete foot exfoliation with tropical fruit salts and hydration with shea by La Sultane de Saba.

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The best reflexology massages in Barcelona

These massages are performed with an ancient technique, which consists of the application of pressure and friction on different precise points of the feet, the objective of these massages is to relax the nervous system, providing a feeling of general well-being and helping to reduce pain and discomfort.
Given that with these techniques any alteration or imbalance that occurs in the body is reflected in them, it allows us to treat potologies in an indirect and non-invasive way, only using pressure on certain points of the feet.


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For massages and treatments for couples (longer than one hour).

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