Non-invasive facial and body beauty rituals to obtain smoother, fresher and firmer facial and body skin. A multi-sensory experience that will help you combat tired skin, eliminate blackheads and reduce the appearance of blemishes.

Facial and Body Beauty Treatments

  • Body Scrub

    30′ relaxing massage with essential oils combined with 20′ of body exfoliation with salts that purify the skin and minerals that revitalize the entire body.
    Unisex treatment.

    50,00  See more
  • Oceanic

    Body treatment with natural herbs and clay from the Dead Sea, tones and rejuvenates the skin with natural and essential nutrients for the body combined with a 30′ relaxing massage.
    Unisex treatment.

    70,00  See more
  • Facial Cleansing

    Deep facial cleansing to cleanse, disinfect and close pores. Facial treatment with le sultan du saba mask that rejuvenates the skin and provides luminosity.
    Unisex treatment.

    70,00  See more

The best facial and body beauty treatments

Getting old is part of life. But that doesn't mean your skin should look saggy or tired. We use techniques of Eastern philosophy and ancient treatments through specific essential oils for skin care that help to strengthen the glow of the face and body.

Choose between the body peeling and exfoliation options in the catalog and get the moisturizing benefits that open the pores and completely renew the dermis.

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