World Massages

Discover the traditional massages of the world that we perform they will help you balance your energies and reduce tensions.

Each of them aims to achieve inner growth and full well-being.

Our massages in the world

  • Balinese massage

    Oil-free massage based on the ancient Thai techniques of stretching and pressure points for an absolute release of all body blockages, harmonizing body and mind.

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  • Lomi lomi massage

    The Majestic Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage uses soft, deep and fluid movements with the thumbs, knuckles, forearms and elbows, stimulates the body’s most positive energy and helps release our areas of tension.

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  • Aromatic massage

    Discover the experience of a relaxing and sensory massage with the aromas of natural plants that will bring absolute relaxation to your body and mind thanks to the therapeutic properties of aromatic oils.

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  • Hot stone massage

    Hot stone massage is a geothermal therapy that combines traditional therapeutic relaxing massage with the application of different previously heated stones to the skin.

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  • Maderotherapy massage

    The wood therapy massage is performed with different natural wood utensils that adapt perfectly to each area of ??our body, helping to reaffirm and reshape the figure.

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  • shiatsu massage

    Shiatsu massage is an ancient Japanese massage that combines the best Japanese techniques of finger pressure and the palms of the hands, helping to achieve the best balance of energy in our body.

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  • Relieving massage

    It is a strong and manual massage in which we manage to relieve contractures and normalize muscle tone through different techniques.

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Massages of the world Barcelona

It is about carrying out a traditional therapy that is achieved by practicing and keeping many of its empirical principles intact, as was done in its ancient origins.

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